Compared to the exuberance of the hot summer, the slouchy autumn wear can be more casual and comfortable, and the direction of the relaxed and retro atmosphere of the winter fashion dress is more appropriate.
Let's talk about how to naturally convey the glamour of slackness today! People who have a sense of relaxation may not realise it, but if they try to show it on purpose, it can be counterproductive to try too hard.
As one of the classic elements in the seasonal trend - plaid. In this season, plaid can embody an elegant, minimalist style that can easily be worn with a surge of casualness. Pair a plaid skirt with a warm coloured top and embellish with simple accessories to complete a slouchy aura that is both stylish and classic.
In autumn and winter wardrobe is essential to the knitted items, soft knitwear with white shirt inside,pair with a dark denim half skirt, sitting in the afternoon sunshine on the street, holding a book, lazy and charming. Thin and no loss of texture material even if tied into the skirt will not appear waist bloated, showing good figure.
Brown, khaki, curry and other earth colors are really exclusive to the autumn and winter colours, how can you go wrong with the same colour scheme? With similar colour scale items together, such as dark curry + light curry, and then casually add a white liner, will somehow produce a casual but exquisite sense of hierarchy.
Vest coat are also a popular chic accessory this season. Not only does a waistcoat add character, but it also layers winter clothes in a way that invariably highlights sophistication. A simple white inner wear with a solid, patterned or checkered waistcoat makes for a complete and sophisticated look.
  • The most important - Mental Relaxation
In addition to the casual wear, temperament and demeanour of the relaxed feeling is also very important, the same person in the same dress when the state is different, will give people a very different feeling.
Compared to the styling sense of always tight and hard, relaxed state will make people feel more approachable, no sense of distance, let people aspire to, want to go close to.
When you're getting ready to go out on a date, it's a good idea to relax yourself first! Then your limbs, posture and your features will relax with you.
Take a charming slouchy look with warm fall and winter wear!
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